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For the hospitality sector, the coronavirus has been a nighmarish guest. Our LinkedIn group Travel Investment Network is a forum for analysts, bankers, and investors to exchange views on future trends.

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Expand your world. The depth of opportunity in this business, including hotels, medical tourism, and cruise lines, is a wide base for like-minded discussion. In the pandemic era, the industry suffers from excess capacity. How will the reset propel innovation? Can profit margins ever recover?

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Read the fine print. Cranganore operates worldwide. However, the company cannot offer all services in every jurisdiction or to all businesses. We may act in concert with locally-regulated entities in some cases.

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We offer insight on a selection of recently-published books that are relevant to the hospitality sector.

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Shop at our book kiosk. The titles on this curated list could be useful additions to your private library. We spotlight a timely work for each category on this site.