Cruise Industry Propelled by Geopolitical Unrest

As tourists rethink their itineraries amid terrorist concerns, the cruise industry is seeing a revenue windfall. The three major stocks—Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Line—have registered impressive double-digit gains over recent months. Analysts soured on the sector across most of 2015-2016 because of capital-spending plans. The trend favoring new and refurbished ships is exorbitantly … Continue reading Cruise Industry Propelled by Geopolitical Unrest

Caribbean Becomes Cruise-Line Battlefield

Richard Branson is set to push aside the cruise-line behemoths, including Disney and Carnival, to build a regional business under the Virgin Voyages brand. Micro-strategy aside, the venture points the way to shifting trends in global tourism, with the Caribbean benefiting from a confluence of marginal developments. Island tourism authorities better understand burgeoning Latin American … Continue reading Caribbean Becomes Cruise-Line Battlefield