Hotel Investors Dismiss Large and Lumbering

Marriott is now on the defensive about its Starwood acquisition, heralding the benefit of choice. That notion rings hollow amid the current economic setting. Shareholders seem to agree; the stock price continues to languish. Corporate travel departments after all are charged with compressing travel costs, not expanding room-selection alternatives. In our view, the best news … Continue reading Hotel Investors Dismiss Large and Lumbering

The front desk is the face of a hotel

Hotel Industry Upended Again

Just as the Marriott-Starwood merger is beginning to settle in the minds of the hotel industry, Carlson has announced that it is splitting is hotel-management operations from its enterprise travel-management business. The firm operates the Radisson and other brands worldwide, with exposure to some 110 countries. While better known to the public for its hotel … Continue reading Hotel Industry Upended Again