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Our company was built to provide entrepreneurs and allocators with a better choice for handcrafted requirements than offered by the largest Wall Street firms. We work with executives who want to strike fresh capital. We serve professionals who deploy institutional wealth. Our core business is aligning risk for issuers and investors, often in difficult or unusual settings.

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In deal-making, Cranganore fuses together cross-border knowledge and vocational instinct. We embrace financing activities in a broad array of industries. By avoiding the temptation to specialize, our clients benefit from ever-dynamic perspectives. Legacy transactions in timberland, solar energy, and port development underscore our multi-disciplinary talent.

Portfolio managers benefit from our deep heritage in the investment trade. We dedicate resources to bespoke due-diligence assignments. Our valuation work provides sharp insight on financial holdings. In working with institutions, we develop customized research and gauge strategic opportunities. Many of our projects resolve cross-border issues.

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Acknowledging robust income trends, elements of our work center on Muslim-majority geographies. Thought leadership often advocates on behalf of Islamic finance. We are drawn to this segment of the financial-services industry because it spotlights real economic activity.

Cranganore is headquartered in Florida. This location enables us to work on a streamlined basis with professionals in the American Southeast and Caribbean. Our global perspective informs our local and regional business.

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Read the fine print. Cranganore operates worldwide. However, the company cannot offer all services in every jurisdiction or to all businesses. We may act in concert with locally-regulated entities in some cases.

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Osceola Reception is sponsored by Miami-based Cranganore Inc. We help our clients to mitigate investment and commercial risk.

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Go to our main site. We forgo a narrow industry focus, given the breadth of our relationships with issuers and investors worldwide. Our efforts span the complex and unusual.

Distributed Workforce

At Cranganore, the true power of our firm is a distributed workforce of market-tough professionals. We retain the counsel and commitment of these executives for the benefit of our clients, reaching far-and-wide to assemble a core group of senior talent for each major project.

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Most of our colleagues in this loosely-affiliated network have advanced beyond dynamic corporate careers. Some are sage entrepreneurs who simply aim to see young companies thrive. Still others are public-sector veterans who help our clients to navigate national-market barriers. All share a foundation in cross-border business. They often have a personal or professional connection to Florida.