As tourists rethink their itineraries amid terrorist concerns, the cruise industry is seeing a revenue windfall. The three major stocks—Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Line—have registered impressive double-digit gains over recent months. Analysts soured on the sector across most of 2015-2016 because of capital-spending plans. The trend favoring new and refurbished ships is exorbitantly expensive. Royal Caribbean spent at least $1.4 billion on Harmony of the Seas; other companies have taken on similar, outsized investments. Skepticism has dissipated because the industry is a magnet for skittish globetrotters. Even more travelers may join those ranks as combative White House policies, among other factors, further raise terrorist concerns. There is a reason why Alaska is braced to see record cruise-passenger arrivals this year.

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Image: Alaska is a surprise cruise-line hot spot. Credit: Flashpackersphotos at Can Stock Photo Inc.

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