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Our LinkedIn group is Travel Investment Network. We draw attention to developments in the hospitality business. A narrow selection of the posts that you see on this blog also appear as discussions in the group, alongside the contributions of others.

Investors favor these holdings because they commonly generate recurring cash flow. In Travel Investment Network, we encourage a cross-disciplinary dialogue, affording seasoned professionals the chance to learn from tenacious analysts. We aim to offer timely perspective on investment-strategy decisions.

Our discussion framework touches on three topics:

Institutional Cash
Online Businesses
Sustainable Tourism

Major investors traditionally look to hotel properties as a diversification play within real-estate portfolios. They may favor predictable cash-flow metrics or they may look to exposure as a way to leverage economic growth. An unspoken reason for these asset commitments is that hotels are a visceral investment, gliding through due-diligence concerns.

Travel Investment Network promotes relationship building and professional networking. We embrace ideas from industry practitioners, whether based in emerging markets or mature economies.

Why not take a moment to join our group? The link below will direct you to the group profile page. Simply click on the “Ask to Join” button.

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