Skill Set

Cranganore structures travel-and-tourism projects so that they are positioned competitively with investors focused on the leisure industry. Our work embraces luxury resorts and select-service hotels. Among our capabilities, we can jump-start contract negotiations with operating companies; we qualify potential strategic partners. One niche is helping asset owners to resolve distressed situations, including those outside of core markets. Our interests extend to cruise lines and theme parks.

We are not able to offer all services in every jurisdiction or to all businesses. We may act in concert with locally-regulated entities in some cases.

Transaction Design

Our experience—across multiple economic cycles and in many different jurisdictions—helps us to identify the most suitable structure for portfolio investors or business partners. We have set-up and maintained limited-liability companies, special purpose vehicles, and collective investment units under an array of regulatory models.

Strategic Partnerships

For young businesses on the move, finding growth capital is usually not just about the money, but rather about the entire context of a financial-commercial tie-up. We can help to evaluate relationship potential with like-minded firms, approaching selected names on your behalf to ensure objectivity. We aim to uncover non-traditional affiliations for your commercial benefit.

Distressed Assets

We embrace special situations, helping asset owners to shape offerings so that any deal is attractive to risk capital. While “almost everything can be sold at the right price,” we aim to ensure that a transaction framework is consistent with underlying commercial potential. We can work quickly to identify prospective buyers, as required by shareholder demands.

Read the fine print. Cranganore operates worldwide. However, the company cannot offer all services in every jurisdiction or to all businesses. We may act in concert with locally-regulated entities in some cases.

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Hospitality Finance

At Cranganore, we deploy our finance-sector heritage to help project sponsors clarify opportunities. Our strengths include off-the-grid assets, whether in urban or resort locations.

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Client Profile

We consult on a highly bespoke basis with senior management. Project requirements vary widely; we are drawn to diversity. Some of our greatest successes have been with out-of-the-mainstream initiatives.

Business Meeting

Business leaders across the globe find our streamlined approach to be well-suited to their custom needs. In America, local and regional clients gain from our exhaustive experience across six continents.