Privacy Policy

Cranganore Inc may collect data, either personal or non-personal in scope. Some of this information may be acquired from sign-up forms on our websites, including,, and We are responsible for the safekeeping of this data.

This policy was last updated on 31 July 2020. Cranganore may change it from time-to-time; you should review this page regularly. The material presented here is a complement to our Commercial Disclosure.

I. Personal Information

We may directly ask you to provide certain personal information. Cranganore respects your online privacy and recognizes your need for appropriate protection and management of the personal information we collect through the use of our websites.

A. Protection of Personal Information

To the best of our ability, we will maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your data.

We restrict access to the personal information we have collected from or about you to those employees who need to know the information to provide products and services to you.

However, despite our reasonable efforts to protect your personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure, the internet is not an inherently secure environment. We cannot fully guarantee the security of your personal information.

We assume no liability for any disclosure of data due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third-party access, or acts or omissions beyond our reasonable control. Based on the information available to us, we will notify you promptly, if we become aware of any high-risk breach of your personal data.

B. Use of Personal Information

We use information we collect about you for internal purposes, helping aligned parties to understand our business activities more thoroughly.

We may use your data to inform you of developments at our company, primarily through email. That correspondence may include circulars, research notes, and branded publications.

C. Disclosure of Personal Information

We do not rent or sell any personal information we collect from or about you. Likewise, we do not transfer personal information to third parties for their use in mailing lists or for other advertising purposes. This commitment is emphatic; any employee who violates this policy is subject to immediate termination.

We may be required to disclose your personal information to governmental or regulatory entities, both in the United States and elsewhere. Orders are sometimes made in connection with investigations or to comply with applicable law, rules, regulations, orders, subpoenas, or other legal processes. Our compliance officer reviews any such request for authenticity and enforceability prior to disclosing any data on a measured basis.

D. Access, Accuracy, and Deletion of Data

We will allow you to review any of your personal information disclosed to us, except for any personal information that we collect in connection with or in anticipation of any claim or legal proceeding.

For data security purposes, any request must originate from the email address stored in our database. Otherwise, it must be made by physical mail to our corporate address. We will respond to written requests within 90 days by regular post.

We strive to maintain the most accurate information possible. If you discover errors or omissions, please let us know so that we can make the appropriate corrections. We acknowledge that the transliteration of names from some languages is imperfect.

We may keep personal information for an unlimited time period. However, you may at some juncture ask us to erase your personal information from our databases. We will comply as soon as feasible and take reasonable steps to ensure that further communication is blocked.

From time-to-time, we may purge our databases of information that is spoiled, out-of-date, or otherwise inactive. We do not maintain a list of purged data so we likely cannot offer any information about purged data that could be relevant to you.

If applicable, you are responsible for removing public connections, including those to our principals and employees, on social-media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

E. Use of Data Handlers

Cranganore commonly uses third-party data handlers to manage data that we control. We vet these service providers to ensure that meet accepted compliance standards and follow strict cybersecurity criteria. We may change data handlers at any time without notice.

F. Activity Monitoring: Email Communication

We may be able to identify specific navigation activity tied to an email that you receive.

Our data handlers use tracking pixels to determine open-and-close rates. Through this technology, we could determine whether or not you look at our correspondence. Additional technology allows us to record on which links in an email that you click and whether or not you forward that communication to another email address.

We monitor navigation activity with intermittent frequency to improve our communication standards. We do not have the ability to block these measures at the individual subscriber level.

G. Legal Age

We do not knowingly or willingly collect information from people under the legal age in their country of residence. Any such information is promptly and permanently deleted once it is ascertained or brought to our attention.

II. Non-Personal Information

Our websites use cookies. We use them to deliver relevant content to you. We could store the information collected through cookies in our databases. You may be able to configure your browser to block cookies or to remove cookies from your computer.

When you access our websites, we use tracking technologies to record non-personal information such as your internet-protocol address, computer operating system, and browser software.

Navigating our websites could expose the character of your browsing activity. We record referral links and page clicks. We may measure the amount of time that you spend on each page.

We analyze non-personal information for general user trends; we do not allocate resources to identify you in a direct way. Our use of tracking technologies allows us to improve our websites and helps us understand the demographics of our client base.

Our websites commonly contain links to third-party websites, including links used intended to identify Cranganore or its officers as affiliated agents. Clicking on those links will exposure you to variant cookie policies. We do not control or influence these third-party websites.

III. Data Management Portal

Routine questions about our privacy policies, modification requests to stored data, or demands for erasure can be sent through a website specifically designed for that purpose. Because the contact form is available to the general public, most enquiries are subject to email confirmation.

Routine questions about our privacy policies, modification requests to stored data, or demands for erasure can be sent through a website specifically designed for that purpose. Because the contact form is available to the general public, most enquiries are subject to email confirmation.

This policy was last updated on 28 February 2021.

European Union: GDPR

Cranganore recognizes leadership from Brussels in protecting personal information. We adhere to the standards set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation.

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We Safekeep Your Data

Cranganore offers a dedicated online portal to expedite requests about personal data held by our firm. We are transparent and forthright in addressing your needs.

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